Once again Authoress Terry E. Lyle has released her latest written work bringing to life her shame and encouragement in her lastest creation entitled "BROKEN." Still raising eyebrows always with her "Realness." In her autobiography she challenge you to come out of that secret place where shame and embarrassment resides. It's time to stop feeling stupid about the choices of your past. Take a walk with her as together you will reconnect with the "I AM THAT I AM GOD."  God didn't say that there wouldn't be any storms in your life, but He did promise safe passage. Release your baggage because its time for a healing and a new beginning.  "It's all about relationships or it ain't about nothing."  Whether abused, misused or accused but if you're spiritually broken it's time to let go and let God.  Learn to love and forgive yourself because Jesus has already paid the price.  Let God use you and expose your wounds, so you can bring other souls to Christ by your testimony.   Authoress Terry E. Lyle's style has always been down to earth, relate-able and transparently sincere. She boldly share what your mind and your heart would like to reveal but you're too ashamed to share without prompting.   Pull up a chair and take a break as you enjoy another addition of the works of Authoress Terry E. Lyle because you will have something that will stick to your mindset at the conclusion of this book. Often the truth is hidden behind closed doors and fake smiles. Terry's style is not sugar-coated in this book entitled "BROKEN" which continues just like her previous releases "Brown Bag Poetry, WOW!!! (Windows of Wisdom), Say it Ain't So, Speechless Forgiveness, Confessions and Peeling back the Mask, Insane and Exposed which are still turning heads.  You will love her writing style and rawness of her expressions, but most of all you will love Ms. Lyle for having the guts to go there.
                              Hugs & Kisses

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#1  "You're a great writer."  Sharif  Ishnin, Artist and creator of miniature art. Singapore, Japan 

#2 Authoress Lyle's previous books "Brown Bag Poetry", "WOW!!!", "Say it ain't So", "Speechless" and "Forgiveness"and the other books show that her work is gracefully magnificent, brilliant and powerfully intriguing. Minister Samuel A. Alexander (St. Vincent in the Caribbean Islands)

#3 Authoress Terry Lyle's books are very easy to read and leaves an impression with it's honesty that will play over and over in your mind long after you put the book down. Lola Matthews, Laurens, South Carolina

#4 " I love the books",  Tarrence    Bellamy, Brooklyn, New York

#5 You stole my mind and captured my eye, thinking what was going to happen next.  (Writer) Numismatic, Philadephia, PA

#6  Amazing writer, Gabie Nic,              Uganda, Africa

#7  Authoress Terry E. Lyle is known for her quality of work which is filled with passion.  Ademola Adeife,  Nigeria, Africa

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 "I realize that I'm far from perfect
  I'm sure there are more mountains
   to climb, rivers to cross, and hurdles 
to jump over but 
I'm sure somewhere in life, that
I will need forgiveness." 
 I hope I get it
        The Authoress      
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