Terry E. Lyle received the Editor’s Choice Award, is an ISP member, and a featured author in Anthology of Expressions by White Oak Publishers, featured author with Eber & Wein Publications, resulting out of a nation wide contest search of poets where she won a finalist position. Also featured in a publication called Voices which is a collection of various poets published by Unique Euphony Publications.  Terry resides currently in Alabama but hails from Baltimore, MD.
She travels throughout the United States reading and sharing her stories, from near death to disability while constantly trying to encourage others with her bubbly personality. 

Terry’s views will leave you hungry for more. While she candidly pours her heart out in hopes that she reaches the core elements that inspires you to reflect and react. 
Authoress Lyle is a survivor of a near death experience when the Tractor trailer she was driving in while in a snow blizzard hit a patch of black ice and she flipped over 4 times in her truck where she had to be cut out.  From hopelessness to disability she's fighting her way back and the realness that she speaks about on everyday issues will have you riveted at how she makes it plain without sugar-coating the issues. Known now as the Authoress she is fast becoming a well known writer globally and topping the charts on all major websites.

Authoress Lyle is a member of the International Society of Poets (I.S.P) whose members include President Bill Clinton, Bishop Desmond Tutu and the late singer & actor Johnny Cash.
Although she was a victim in the accident, Authoress Terry E. Lyle saw the need to publish books and in less than 3 years and five months, 6 books were already in print as she is continuing in her writing. "The best is yet to come". Her book editor on those projects were Mrs. Tracy Duke Arnold, and the editor on her fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth book entitled "Broken" which is her personal biography was by her awesome friend and lay minister Jim Swettenham from Canada.  Authoress Terry E. Lyle edited her fifth book Forgiveness with an occasional helping hand from Jim Swettenham in Winnipeg, Canada.

Her latest creation can be found on Createspace.com or Amazon.com and via Kindle and numerous retailers. 

As of July 19th, 2011 Authoress Terry Lyle has received a new Community Service Award and being Honorable Recognized by the Unity with Pam TV Show before her peers and community for her dedication and service to the community.  Authoress Lyle has appeared on numerous TV shows including the Sharon Jones TV Show and the Dee Armstrong's show in Columbus, GA. A real sweetheart inside and out, a friend that you'll be proud to have. Always standing on truth with her strong spiritual beliefs, while being a part-time comedienne that will bring tears to your eyes once she gets started! Also a supporter and contributor to the TEAR's Foundation that empowers youth.
As of November 2011 Authoress Lyle has accepted a promotion to position of Director of PR and Promotions for the Chapman/Peterson Booking agency who has promoted some of the tours for Dennis Edwards and the Temptations  and many other well-known acts. Due to time restraints and growth in her field of literature she has stepped down from the position of Director of PR and Promotions in May 2012. As of February 7th, 2013 to 2014 Authoress Terry E. Lyle was the host of her global following internet radio segment called "Author's Corner" via the WMEL 104.1 FM djmelentertainmentradio where she showcase published Authors, screenwriters, poets, editors and anyone connected in the Literary arena.  
Some of her previous guest were the mother of rap icon Snoop Dog Beverly Green and author of Black romance novels plus with 30 books under her belt and still counting the dynamic Mrs. Beverly Jenkins, Jr. Minister Gregory Damon Patterson under the leadership of Grammy award winning gospel music icon Pastor Hezekiah Walker and coming soon the mother of music sensation and actor Mo Depp.  Since January 2014 Terry started her own globally listened to talk radio called Unmasked on Blogtalk Radio which airs each Friday at 7:30pm EST and the URL for the show is www.blogtalkradio.com/authoress-terry-e-lyle Terry is so proud of all of her wonderful dynamic guests from the Isley Brothers to creator of the Matrix but there are too many to mention and  she's always looking for new guests. Ms Lyle has been showcased herself numerous times on the Fox Channel networks in Columbus, Ga, and local radio stations in Selma Al, Dallas Texas, The United Kingdom, New Orleans, Louisiana, Ohio, California, Nevada, Columbus, GA and Baltimore, MD.  If you would like to call into her live show each Friday at 7:30pm EST, 6:30pm CST, 5:30pm MST and 4:30pm PST. the call in number is 347-945-6003

Terry will definitely leave an impression that you won't forget.  Once you purchase from this website you'll find these are the cheapest prices. Thanks for stopping by and come back again.  Hugs & Kisses  "Believe it and achieve it"  All things are possible.

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                                    The Road to Forgiveness
                                     Authoress Terry E. Lyle

The road to forgiveness where do we start? 
We start with humility and we start with the heart. 
The road to forgiveness may be a bumpy ride, 
Sometimes we need to apologize yet we run and hide. 
When you hold on to disappointments and your heart seems brittle and cold 
Your only outcome will be that you grow miserable and old.
The road to forgiveness will interfere with your pride, 
But some will become humbled and some will cry. 
The Lord has forgiven us and that’s the example we need to use 
If He has forgiven us then I can forgive you. 
The road to forgiveness may sting in your heart 
Because it’s hard to forgive once your pain does start. 
The road to forgiveness we all have to take…
If heaven is our goal we should not wait.
The road to forgiveness should start with you, 
Forgive yourself first before you suffer from the things that you do. 
Forgiveness is about love not patience or gain 
Love will heal all without placing blame. 
The road to forgiveness has been paid by Christ 
He set the bar high because He gave up His life.
So all we need is a humble and contrite heart 
Let’s learn to be forgiving before our anger starts. 
The road to forgiveness is not the easiest road to take
Especially when you are a victim and your heart seems to break, 
You wonder why you should make the very first step 
When, because of others, you were sad and you wept. 
So my friends holding onto bitterness will never bless you 
If that’s the unfortunate road that you willingly choose. 
This is good old wisdom and I’m not trying to be clever 
I advise you to use forgiveness and be blessed forever. 


Author's Book Show  with Pam from "Pam with Unity TV Show on Fox Networks in April, 2013 at Sugga's Restaurant in Columbus, GA