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    short stories
  • #1 EXPOSED

    An in-dept look into your mind that cleverly expose shocking revelations and secrets. Appealing to men and women because of the topics and the way it's depicted with a flip-side to every entry. Guaranteed to be a winner with it's range of topics that there is something for everyone with it's transparent way it's delivered. If in doubt to which book to select then I would select this one which is the Authoress's very best choice.

  • #1a INSANE

    An intriguing blend of short-stories and poetry in this shockingly honest exposure of the emotions that hurts so much that it's passionately guarded from view. We all have wounds and at some point in our lives felt stupid, abandoned, misused, battered, or violated emotionally and physically. But before healing can begin we need a platform or reason to communicate and share our most guarded secrets. Through the pages of this book you will realize that your issues aren't unique just hidden from view.

  • Confessions

    A personal look into those shameful areas that you wish could just disappear into the woodwork. However painful and shocking facing the truth and being accountable makes "Confessions" a must have book.

  • Say It Aint So (Softcover)

    Controversial topics brought to the fore-front of your mind to spark conversations and awareness. With an added bonus of an appendix with entries from unknown global writers with an amazing collection of riveting short-stories.

  • Speechless (Hard-cover)

    A collection of short stories with a dab of poetry blended together to create and spark conversations. Pulling on the heartstrings when you read about molestation and homelessness.This recipe for controversial soup will have you running to tell your friends to get their own copies and leave yours alone. It's subject matter will cut like a knife as it penetrates those secret hidden areas of your mind pulling out those dirty little secrets that would leave you "Speechless."