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Think it, believe it and achieve it  because it's all up to you

                     A testimonial to God’s love and protection.
Were you like me, alone in my bed, sleeping quite peacefully, dreams in my head.
I suddenly sat up, fear taking control, shaking like crazy.  Was it really that cold?
I heard it quite clearly, someone calling my name.  I glanced around nervously, thinking I was insane.
I couldn’t decide just what I should do. Was I losing my mind?  No, that can’t be true.
I swung my legs over the side of the bed.  To tell you the truth, hell yeah I was scared.
I reached for the light switch, I wanted to see.  Was it my imagination or someone messing with me?
The light seemed so dim, I still wasn’t sure.  Could it be possible, was that a knock at the door?
With my heart in my throat, I was ready to run.  I was mad at myself for not having a gun.
I peeked through the peephole, there was nothing to see.  Only a grey cloud of smoke inching closer to me.
I opened the door, what else could I do?  Maybe I was just stupid.  I thought of that too.
Suddenly my senses start to take hold, warning me that something was out of control.
The smell was so acrid, the heat so intense.  It was time to get out if I had any sense.
I raced down the stairway, yelling quite loud, fighting my way through an enveloping cloud.
Watching my neighbors as they ran out the door, hoping and praying that there weren’t anymore.
Much later on when peace was restored, it finally dawned on me that it was the LORD.
Despite my transgression and wrongs I had done, He stayed there beside me for He is the one.
To protect me and guide me wherever I roam.  I finally realized it was time to go home.
Back to the one place where love is so true.  So tell me, where were you when God called you?
Where Were You When God Called You?
Sylvia L.Robertson
Baltimore, Maryland
Grandma's Perfume
Authoress Terry E.Lyle
Jakotae Lyle

"Don't forget you have 8   wonderful choices."
1) Expose
3)Unmasked 4)Confessions 
6)Peeling back the mask  7)Say it ain't so
Nephew Tommy's
 Prank Calls
Susto en el Cementerio

  I never would have              made it!
        Marvin Sapp

Mercy said No by CeCe Winans
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The Fragrance of Faith

The fragrance of faith is an unusual term
But here in church is where your lessons you’ll learn
When you act like Christ in your walk and your speech
You can make a difference in lives, of the people you meet
The Bible makes it perfectly clear
So tune up your heart and tune up your ears

In the gospel of Matthew in chapter number five
It will tell you about how to live or how to die
Blessed are the ones who are meek in spirit
A quality today most people don’t adhere to it

Blessed are the merciful ones 
Who are considered the children of God like Jesus His Son
Showing compassion whether or not it’s deserved
Is hard to do when people get on your nerves

Blessed are the ones who are reviled, persecuted and falsely accused 
Because for the sake of Jesus they shared the gospel of good news
Blessed are the ones that mourn a great loss
Your comfort is coming ordained by the boss.

Blessed are those who are pure in heart
For they will see God in the Bible it’s taught
The fragrance of faith can’t be brought in a store
You must live Godly to enter Heaven’s doors

What I’m really just trying to say… 
That it’s time to stop getting in your own way
Come to Jesus and live like it’s taught 
Stop pretending to be a Christian if it’s not in your heart

Jesus will judge the quick and the dead
Will you wear a crown of glory upon your head?
The fragrance of faith is not about death
It’s the sweet smell of salvation, after God gave you His best

His only begotten Son Jesus gave up His life
So we can live holy and continue to fight
Bringing souls to Jesus and acting like Christians
Continuing to do what’s right is your best ammunition

The fragrance of faith smells good to me
Because of it now I truly believe
I used to be a product of this world
Different insults at people I’d often would hurl.

Living shamelessly and didn’t even care 
Where was God I didn’t see Him, I didn’t see Him nowhere?
I thought God had left me 
So why should I care?
Loss in relationships, family issues, booze and drugs
I only fended for myself and refused any hugs

I couldn’t get close to others because of how I felt about me
Hiding my issues so people couldn’t see
Mad at the world for the choices I’ve made
Even cursed God and my faith turned away
I lived through some difficult times
And blamed others for what my soul couldn’t find.

Not realizing that we all have to go through a test 
But I failed miserably I had to confess
I felt I had hit rock bottom with nowhere to go
When in the nick of time Jesus did show

He comforted me and wiped away my tears
And all the hurt and pain soon disappeared 
I was filled with such peace that I can’t even describe
But I knew it as God who stood by my side

He lifted me to heights that I never even knew
As my love for Him continued and grew
Now I’m a living testimony with a fragrance of faith
I continued the fight and continued the race

Jesus is our example and the standard to follow
So live like and walk like and talk like God 
So the fragrance of faith won’t seem too hard
Greet other saints with a kiss and give them a nod.
And remember we represent our Heavenly God

You will have that peace that passes all understanding
When you follow the commitment of love the greatest commandment
The fragrance of faith we need to share
If you’re honest and you really do care
We know the meek will inherit the earth
Christians it’s time for boldness as we share our rebirth.

Featured videos "I won't complain in Mime by Marlon Hines, "Grandma's Perfume line" recited by Jakotae(Must Watch Video's of prank calls on the Deacon and house being robbed by Nephew Tommy),Susto en el Cementerio, "I never would have made it" video by Marvin Sapp, "Mercy said No" by Ce Ce Winans, "Where were you when God called you" by Sylvia Robertson, (2) Hilarious video's by Newphew Tommy and "I'm over it now" by Pastor Marvin Winans. 

                                          Who’s there? 

I hear low sounds of voices as I crouch in my bed
I’m truly alarmed as fear twirls in my head
Who could that be because I live alone?
My conscience says run fool run away from your home
Fear has struck me down and I’m shaken to the core
I visualize being murdered with bloodiness and gore
I’m trembling and my heart’s beating fast
I at least need to try to get up and move my fat ass
I slide off the bed as quietly as I can
Afraid I’d be attached by the intrusion of a man
I creep slowly towards the back of the door
Excitement is building and I can’t take much more
As I open the door wider you couldn’t imagine what I saw
The damn TV was on and I said “Oh Laud”
I immediately had a sigh of relief
My imagination had the best of me or so I believed!

        Sneak preview from book #8 "Insane" 

Being homeless

Being homeless can happen to any man, and because of my story I know that it can. Lost without shelter and nowhere to go, my daily struggle is the only thing I know. I lost my job then my home went next. Things went bad so quickly, I thought I was hexed. When you look in my eyes, please don’t see a bum; just see the worst that my life has become. I only wish I knew how to get back on my feet, my life is so bleak that I feel the defeat. It’s hard to be hopeful when you’ve lost all you’ve had. Today inside I only feel sad. I survive on handouts, as the people pass me by. I smile thank you while inside I cry. I’ve heard that brighter days are coming, and I hope that will be, because right now being homeless is all that I see. Opportunities pass because of economic lost; can’t even build on the skills that I have been taught. My clothes are tattered and worn straight through, no longer providing warmth, not even my shoes. I huddled up so tight, trying to keep myself warm, no space in the shelter living type dorms. The weather is threatening to be really bad; a plastic bag to cover me is all that I had. But I’m not discouraged and I look straight ahead, tomorrow might be the chance to secure me a bed. So today when I arise and look all around, I hope a warm bed is there to be found. I’m down on my luck and this thing is true, but remember my story could easily happen to you. 


                           PASTOR MARVIN WINANS 
                                 I'M OVER IT NOW 
Pastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin Winans
Pastor Marvin WinansPastor Marvin Winans
             Your wife is having my baby
                      I WON'T COMPLAIN